Our Story

Sledgebox, LLC is a young and hungry development company. We have been very hard at work writing apps, games, and websites for you to love.

We also build dynamic, responsive, and highly-engaging websites for small and medium sized businesses.

We have some amazing updates coming in 2020. Stay Tuned!


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the ultimate event planner

Build and Plan your Event powerfully and with ease. The eventzulu app makes planning your event as easy as using a clipboard.

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The Plan

the ultimate decision maker

Can't decide where to go on date night? How about what charity to give to? Have a crew that always goes out to lunch together but can never decide where to go. Not only can The Plan make the unique decision for you, it can notify the ENTIRE crew!

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Smoke Alarm Ninja

alarm and battery tracker

Ever wondered if your Smoke Alarm batteries need to be changed? Create a schedule to change your furnace filters and Car Remote batteries. Track Alarms with different expiration intervals.


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super addictive fast arcade game

Slide your finger side to side to catch the blocks. Each white block is worth one point, while each colored block is worth three points. You may miss three white blocks before you are done. However, missing a single color block means instant doom. Let the arrow blocks pass by to get a life back. Catching the arrow blocks loses one life. Wait till you get to Level 11!

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Plane Jane

fly and turn arcade adventure

Tilt your phone or tablet up or down to raise or lower your plane. Guide Jane trough the Jungle, City, or Space to collect as many coins as possible while avoiding all the obstacles in her way. Once she is confident her plane goes faster and faster. How high of a score can you get?

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tap and turn arcade adventure

Tap and turn your iPhone or iPad to guide your chosen shape through the death spikes and death balls in this super fast paced highly addictive game. Turning your iPhone or iPad left or right allows you to maneuver around death balls. Grab the purple PowerUp coins whenever you can to shrink in size so you can get the highest score.


Sledgebox Websites

Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, and other pre-packaged websites are great, if you're a blogger. For a real business, you can do so much better.

We provide a custom interface that is more than just linked to the identity of your company, it carries your brand, your mission, your history, and moves you into the future of the web platform.

When someone visits your website, your brand should be instantly recognizable. They should feel as though they’ve just walked through the front door of your company and everything they need is right in front of them. That is what we will do for you. The website we develop for you will give your customers everything they need to have the best experience from your company.


We use the absolute latest technologies to deliver the best experience to your customer. Here are a few that we use.



Microsoft DotNetMicrosoft SQL Server

Linux Apache MySQL PHPDocker